I’m the bee’s knees

Hotsy-totsy, paparazzi,
Hold it while I take this pic *snap snap snap*
Speak easy,
Rocking the fellas I’m breezy
Hope you can keep up boys,
‘Cause believe me,
I’m the bee’s knees

From The Great Gatsby // Fergie – A little party never killed nobody //

One of the greater than greatest movies ever made, this applies also to the song above, I mean Fergie, that’s one hot genious of a woman, and Mr di Caprio, that man truly is worth all the golden globes in the galaxy. And well, ‘nough said ’bout movies n’ stuff, here comes the bee’s knees herself in such a fun and perky mood it’s hard to believe she won’t do some acting in the future (last night she told me; ‘Mommy, I’m going to Italy soon to be an artist, but Mommy don’t worry I’ll be home again in couple of days, can you take care of my kitten while I’m away?’ Well, what to say little darling? Mommy will always be here for you. And if necessary, I might even be here for your future kitten as well…) Little Lovie Dovie, growing up so quickly. x


Product details:

  • Leather bows, Lilla Rosettfabriken
  • Bloomers and cardigan knitted by my Granny
  • Tee, hello apparel
  • Pantyhose, H&M
  • Tumbler, Buddy + Bear
  • Rug, IKEA
  • Linen bedding, H&M Home

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