Holiday remnants

There still are a few remnants of the holidays, such as the eucalyptus wreath and unblogged photos of Em in her New Year’s Eve outfit. Love this dress from Studio H&M Collection, it’s a dream! Such a cupcake dress, Em truly believes she’s a princess in this dress (yes of course she is I know hey!) and constantly kept taking about her being Cinderella going to the ball meeting the prince 🙂 And lets take moment taking wreaths as well, even though this is not the interior blog of mine (no it’s [HERE] and as you might know it’s called Villa Backo after our house)and especially this holidays half made wreaths which we saw like everywhere on Pinterest and Insta. I love the unfinished, half finished style, the imperfectly perfect look, all of it. Nature isn’t perfect, it’s unique, one of a kind. So should wreaths. That’s why I felt like this was the trend I’ve been sought for, for like ever. Went to buy a wooden embroidery hoop at my local craft shop, the base for the wreath. The metal stuff is easily hidden when attaching the greenery and plantae. The smell of the eucalyptus is magical, even a few weeks after NYE it still smells lovely when you pass it by. Ok, that was bit off topic but who cares hey 🙂 All details below the pics, as always. x

















Product details:

  • Party hat har clip, Shop Me Oui
  • Dress, Studio H&M Collection
  • Ballet flats, Din Sko Official
  • Sony Angels, Lilla Rummet
  • DLM white side table, HAY
  • Tumbler, Buddy + Bear
  • Porcelain mug, Design Letters
  • Miffy lamp, Lampgallerian
  • Grinders, Norm Architects for menu Denmark
  • Oak in glass vase, home grown by me, from one of the many acorns that Ceasar gathered last autumn 🙂
  • Kubus By Lassen big bowl, Växjö Elektriska
  • Pine cone, supposed to burst soon (?!) and carry 30 pine nuts… nope, no burst yet…
  • Wreath base is a wooden embroidery hoop from Panduro Hobby



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