I’m a cool girl

I’m a cool girl, I’m a, I’m a cool girl,
Ice cold, I roll my eyes at you, boy
[…] Now you can’t tell if I’m really ironic…

// Tove Lo – Cool Girl //


Cool or cute, salty or sweet, all mixed up when being a soon to be fournager, hey? You’re feeling’ me if you have kids this age.

What she’s totally obsessed with these days is her doll’s house (my old one, and even my mom’s old, pretty cool hey?!) and her Sony Angels living in it. I did some crafting, repainting, decorating and with it’s black and white colors there are a few masterpieces from back in the 50’s, love it!

Recently, Em received a lovely package from Kido Design Studio, with this stunning rainbow cloud custom made with her name on it, and this is an amazing interior piece as well as an eductive one! (Thank you Keren, we love it!) I love rainbow pastel interior colors for Em’s room, and this goes so well with all her decoration pieces. And let’s talk about custom made products, I mean how good is that?! Perfect for gifts too, maybe christening gifts, or for birthdays. I hope she learn to say what time it is soon too, we practice every morning! 🙂 so she can let me know if we are late for kindy 😉

And if you’d like to know about the outfit, these cool girl’s corduroy suspender pants, well, Em is such a cool cat in those, and yup, even these ones are thrifted treasures from when I was a little girl, the quality of clothing from decades ago are a tad better than many of the kids fashion retailers and chains of today, so to say. I tend to look for more and more handmade clothing for the kids nowadays, I love knitted garments from natural fibers such as organic cotton, wool, silk, linen. It’s more a way of living simple with kids to be honest, and it’s a process, which has to take time. You cannot change their whole closets in one day, at least not me, neither economically nor practically. But I’ll allow it to take it’s time.

All deets below pics xx
















Product details:

  • Doll’s house, good old one from the 50’s
  • Clock, Kido Design Studio
  • Sony Angels, Lilla Rummet Göteborg
  • Headpiece, Beau Chic Accessories
  • Corduroy suspender pants, old ones from when I was a kid
  • Long sleeve, Turtle dove London
  • Miffy Lamp, Lampgallerian
  • Wooden cars, Pinch Toys
  • Wooden letter blocks, Make & Create + DIY

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