edit + vivo is a photography blog (focusing on Brand Photography) full of fun kids fashion, handmade brands, inspiration and styling.

The ones who run this business are:

Elise; the photographer, writer and stylist. A creative entrepreneur and mother of two, lover of all things handmade and a stunning flower.

Em; the photogenic threenager and future artist, lover of sweets, singing and dancing her day away with a natural talent for standing in front of the camera and featuring all kids brands in a stylish way.

Ceasar; the mini rebel and tornado, always run never walk, who says the sweetest things and asks the most clever questions. Lover of dinosaurs and all kinds of wild animals, he’s the happiest when he gets to pose in front of the camera outside in his natural element, the wild woods or vast fields.

If you want to receive information about our Brand Photography work or if interested in any other kind of collaborations, please drop us an email at editandvivo@gmail.com or fill out the Contact Form.


Above, a snap of Em and Ceasar behind the scenes of an, as always, fun photoshoot filled with imaginative play and laughter.




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